Fatumah Atuhaire

Fatumah is a PhD student. Her work uses differential equations to model skin cell death processes that lead to large wound ulcers observed in Buruli ulcer disease. She obtained her first degree in Mathematics from Makerere University, Uganda and her Msc from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Fatumah started her PhD at the University of Southampton in October 2017. Fatumah is co-supervised with Rebecca Hoyle.

Michael Casey

Michael is a PhD student. He is investigating questions of cell identity using techniques from topological data analysis. His first degree was in Genetics, with an integrated master’s in Systems Biology from the University of Cambridge. Michael started his PhD in October 2018. Michael is cosupervised with Ruben Sanchez-Garcia.

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James Davies

James is a PhD student. He is investigating the regulation of tolerance at the human epidermis by Langerhans cells, using single cell RNA-sequencing. He obtained his first degree from the University of Bristol in Medical Microbiology before starting his PhD in Southampton in October 2016. James is co-supervised with Marta Polak.

Joseph Egan

Joe is a PhD student. He is interested in the application of mathematical modelling to infectious diseases and cancer, both at the epidemiological and immunological scale. He obtained his first degree in mathematics from the University of Nottingham before working for Public Health England (and its predecessor, the Health Protection Agency) for 11 years. Joe started his PhD at Southampton in October 2016. He is co-supervised by Tim Elliott.

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Cristina Parigini

Cristina is a PhD student. She is working on mathematical modelling of stem cell dynamics at homeostasis. She holds an MSc in Space Engineering (first-class honours) from Politecnico di Milano (2006). Previously, she worked for a private aerospace private company where she gained more than ten years’ experience in mathematical modelling, simulation and analysis. Cristina is cosupervised by Philip Greulich.

Patrick Stumpf

Patrick is a post-doctoral research fellow investigating the balance of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation using a combination of single cell profiling methodologies and computational analyses. He obtained his first degree in Biology from the University of Würzburg, Germany and his PhD from Southampton University in 2015.

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Gabriela Virdzekova

Gabriela is a PhD student. She is investigating the underlying molecular processes that contribute to T-cell infiltration in cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, using unsupervised learning methods for analysis of RNA-sequence data. She obtained her first degree from the University of Southampton in Biomedical Sciences. Gabriela started her PhD at Southampton in October 2018. She is co-supervised by Stephen Thirdborough.


Past members

Rosanna Smith, postdoc 2013-2018, now a postdoc with Mark Cragg in the Centre for Cancer Immunology at Southampton General Hospital

Enrico Mossotto, PhD 2018, now a postdoc with Sarah Ennis in the Genomic Informatics group, Southampton General Hospital

Sonya Ridden, PhD 2016, now working at the Office for National Statistics

Liana Kontogeoraki, MPhil 2016, now working as a teacher

David Matthews, PhD 2016